Parulekar Hospital was established on 8th august 2004. Since that date, there have been tremendous progress in healthcare. Parulekar Hospital have successfully kept pace with this progress. The doctors, administration and paramedical team of Parulekar Hospital has always strived to impart best possible care to our esteemed patients and clients.





We are multispeciality nursing home with 5000 sq.ft area and independent electricity and water supply with adequate backup. Our services include ICU with ventilator facility, Elevator facility, IUI ( intrauterine insemination ) lab Read more…




Our polyclinic is spread over an area of 1000 sq.ft. The consulting rooms as well as waiting area is fully air-conditioned. We have four consulting rooms with doctors from all faculties on panel. Read more…

Advance Surgery

Advanced Surgery


Apart from routine surgeries like appendicectomy and hysterectomy Parulekar Hospital also offers advance surgeries and orthopedic procedures.This is possible because Parulekar Hospital has three specialized operation theatres Read more…
Key Hole Surgery

Key hole surgery


In modern times keyhole surgery is speedily replacing the conventional surgery.As against bigger incisions of open surgeries, key hole surgeries are performed through multiple tiny cuts, which heal easily end cause least discomfort a Read more…


Test Tube Baby Center

Test tube baby center


Parulekar Hospital’sTest Tube Baby Center is the first IVF center in Airoli and undoubtedly the best in Navi Mumbai.It is spread over an area of 600 sq ft. Our Test Tube Baby centre has independent OT,
Read more…




Situated on 3rd floor of Parulekar Hospital with sample collection centre on ground floor in polyclinic area for convenience of OPD patients.The laboratory has cell counter, biochemistry auto analyzer, electrolyte analyzer and other Read more…

Meet Our Team



Dr V Parulekar

Dr. Vishwas D. Parulekar
M.D. ,D.G.O
Gyn. & Obstetrician

Dr Dhawal Shah

Dr. Dhaval Shah
M.S. ( Gen. ), D.Ch.
General Surgeon

Dr Charushila Gautam

Dr. Charushila Gautam
M.D. ( Paeds. )
Paeds. & Neonatologist

Dr Uttam Tambe

Dr. Uttam Tambe
M.S. ( Ortho. )
Orthopedic Surgeon

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